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Website Kick Off

It is official, the Seibel Ranch now has a website. Several weeks of taking and returning phone calls has Kenneth thinking of ways to better manage communication with customers. Farm work is notoriously busy, especially in the summer. Fourteen hour work days, keeping up with machinery, irrigation equipment, field needs, and predicting when hay will be available will leave a person exhausted. Luckily he has me to help. I am doing my best to learn how my Father-in-Law has managed to produce such high quality hay every year for years on end, while providing him with genuine help and reprieve from all of his fervent duties.

The immediate goal of this site is to provide hay customers with an up-to-date status of what hay products are available. The eventual goal is to give information on horse hay in general and establish a way for customers to schedule a time to pick up hay or request deliveries. I am excited to see what this site becomes and what you, the customer, decide is useful. Please contact us through this site and I promise to be diligent in responding. As a little bonus, I came across a fairly useful article on hay nutrition content that you can find here:

The big excitement for this year has been planting a crop in the new 70 acre center pivot field that has been several years in the making. We have tiny sprouts of oat hay coming up in the field planted in June, and expect to be making oat hay by the end of summer. Oat hay has similar nutritional value to timothy grass hay, with the exception of higher sugar content and a more favorable (one to one) ratio of Calcium to Phosphorus. More details can be found at the link given above, and additional nutritional information links are included at that site.

It has come to the end of another busy day, just 16 hours later than when I got started. The farming life is living to it's fullest. I am so grateful to have this way of life and to be raising my 6 kids under it's splendor. Glory to God for His creation, and all thanks and praise to His gift, Jesus Christ.

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